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All Breeds Standard Ring Plan

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Tent Camping Policy

Ring Plans 2014:


25th - Gold Coast Canine Club
26th - Gold Coast Canine Club


1st - Beenleigh & District Kennel Club
15th - Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club
22nd - Breed Specialty Day


1st - Gundog & Heavy Breeds Club

9th - Breed Specialty Day
21st - Beaudesert & Maree Kennel Clubs
22nd - Beaudesert & Maree Kennel Clubs
23rd - Beaudesert & Maree Kennel Clubs


13th - Kennel Assoc of Qld
26th - Junior Kennel Club
27th - Amenities Committee


3rd - Breed Specialty Day
4th - Rocklea Ag
11th - Fun Day

23rd-25th - Boxer National


6th - Breed Specialty Day
7th - Breed Specialty Day
8th - Ipswich Kennel Club
9th - Western Suburbs Kennel Club
14th - Qld Kennel Council
15th - Qld Kennel Council
22nd - Amenities Committee


5th - Beenleigh Kennel Club
6th - Beenleigh Kennel Club
10th & 11th - Labrador Retriever Club National
12th - Breed Specialty Day
13th - Breed Specialty Day
14th - Breed Specialty Day
15th-19th - Rottweiler Club National
19th - Kennel Association Qld
20th - Kennel Association Qld
26th - Ladies Kennel Association
27th - Ladies Kennel Association


2nd - Northern Classic Kennel Club
3rd - Northern Classic Kennel Club
8th - Breed Specialty Day
9th - Breed Specialty Day
10th - Breed Specialty Day

17th - Breed Specialty Day
24th - All Dogs Sports Spectacular


20th - Breed Specialty Day
20th - DOY Support Show
21st - DOY Support Show
28th - Western Suburbs Kennel Club


4th - Maree Kennel Club
16th - Match Day
28th - Amenities Committee
29th - Dog of the Year Support Show
30th - Amenities Committee

Ring Plans 2015:


24th - Gold Coast Canine Club
25th - Gold Coast Canine Club
31st - Beenleigh Kennel Club


14th - Redcliffe Kennel Club
21st - Breed Specialty Day
28th - Gundogs & Heavy Breeds


8th - Breed Specialty Day
28th - Beaudesert / Maree Kennel Clubs
29th - Beaudesert / Maree Kennel Clubs


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