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Renewal 2015
New 2015
Junior 2015
Procedure for Online Membership Renewals

Breeders Prefix Forms:
Credit Card Payment Forms
New Prefix 2015 - Please Note: Proof of Residential Address MUST be attached to this form
Renewal / Transfer from Interstate
Breeder Exam Questionnaire
VCA Guidelines for Breeders

Breeder Accreditation Scheme Documents & Forms:
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Breeder Accreditation Scheme - The Facts
Breeder Accreditation Application - Breeder
Breeder Accreditation Application - Site Visitor
Veterinary Reference
Self Evaluation Check List

Breeders Directory Forms:

Credit Card Payment Forms
Breeders Directory 2014

Title Forms:

Credit Card Payment Forms
Supreme Champion

Grand Champion
Non Championship

Award Forms:
Credit Card Payment Forms
Qld Gold / Silver / Bronze

Credit Card Payment Forms
Artificial Insemination using Fresh Semen
Transfer where Original Certificate Lost or Destroyed (two pages)
Replacement Certificate of Registration (single page)
Transfer where Owner Not Signed
Transfer of Frozen Semen
Limited Register Agreement
Artificial Insemination / Stored & Imported Semen
Associate Register
Herding Register
Sporting Register
Re-Registration of Animal(s) / Semen
Certified & Export Pedigree

Field - Retrieving - Qualifying Certificate
RATG Qualifying Certificate
Height Front Cover

Credit Card Payment Forms
Brochure - Dog Obedience Clubs
Agreement - Not for Export
Tail Injury Notification
Natural Bob Tail Assessment
Partnership Agreement
Statutory Declaration Form
Badges - Length of Membership
Health Committee Specialist Testing Day 20 October 2013 - Heart Clinic Registration Form
Health Committee Specialist Testing Day 20 October 2013 - Eye Clinic Registration Form
ANKC Data Extraction Form

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